Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hit Men All Stars

Hi gang,

Hope you've been well and enjoying autumn. I close my eyes and hear Robert Plant sing "Leaves are fallin' all around..." and Sinatra about his love affair with New York in this most beautiful, transitional season.

Which brings me to a new chapter of my life and a new group of awesome musicians and new friends I've had the honor of working with over the weekend in spectacular Lake Tahoe (Should be the 9th Wonder of the World if I had my say.)

In alphabetical order: Teddy "Zig-Zag" Andreadis / Keys (Guns and Roses, Slash, Alice Cooper)
Billy Burnette / Vocals & Guitar ( Fleetwood Mac)

Jimmy Crespo / Guitar (Aerosmith, Flame)

Gary Moon / Vocals & Bass ( Night Ranger, Three Dog Night)

Mark Slaughter / Vocals & Guitar ( Slaughter, Vinny Vincent Invasion)

Curly Smith / Vocals & Drums ( Boston, Jeff Beck, John Waite, Jo Jo Gun)

Jack Sonni / Vocals & Guitar & Author? "Rock and Rolled"( Dire Straits)

The show is "Jam" packed beginning to end with Classic Rock mega hits and is such a blast to perform with these legendary musicians. They're a great bunch of guys that ring leader Curly Smith has assembled and I'm honored to be part of it.

So, in addition to performing with "The Steve Augeri Band", there will be "Hit Men All Star" shows popping up here and there around the states within the next few months. (Again, if I had my say:)

I'd like to personally thank the folks that made the incredible Journey to Tahoe, braving the wind and rain. We had people travel from Canada, Kansas, even some who tore themselves away from those winnings one-armed badits in the Casino!

In closing, it's only Rock & Roll, all in fun but, on a sadder note, please raise a glass with me and toast the life of a dear, close friend of mine. John "J.B." Crisera. Another victim of public enemy No. 1, Cancer.

John was a Master Plumber by trade, but a King at heart. That heart being the size of a lion. He was a Rock & Roll fan, especially when it came to his boys, KISS and Aerosmith. They were fortunate to have him as their ambassador and champion. Never missed a show. He adored and was adored by his wife and three sons and was a shining example of what all aspire to be. I hope you all have as good a friend in your lives as I have had in John.

Farewell my friend. I'll catch you back stage some day.

Love you all,

P.S. Mark Slaughter's beautiful song, "Fly With the Angels" has taken on a deeper meaning to me on this sun-drenched Autumn day in my New York.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Toto, it's true!

Wednesday October 6th, 2010, at approximately 3PM central time, KWKR 99.9 (Western Kansas Rocks), and Mix 94 (.5) Kansas will air and debut my new track "RIVERSIDE". Bless their hearts.

Performing along with me on this song is Adam Holland/Guitar/co-writer, Craig Pullman/Keys/co-writer, Gerard Zappa/Bass and Mike Morales/Drums.

Also appearing on the recording on Background vocals are longtime friend and singing legend Marge Raymond (Flame/Aerosmith/ELO) and newer friend and legend in the making, the golden voice of Nick Lynch.


... with a song your heart, we'll make love over there, down by the river.

Take care all,