Thursday, November 25, 2010


Good Thanksgiving morning to all,

There's always something to be thankful for. Even when the cupboards bare and the tank's on "E". Usually it's the little things. The everyday things we take for granted. Those are the things that come to mind for me today here in America.

And what better way, then to share the day with family, friends and food. (The original 4F Club) Very "Italian" for an American holiday. Perhaps an Italian stowaway made his or her way onto the Mayflower for that fateful trip to the America's. But, I digress:)

Happy Thanksgiving world.
To you and yours.


P.S. Cranberry sauce AND Jets Football? It's gonna be a very good day:)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diamond Angels Show!

Hi All,

Good to be back home after a wonderful few days in sunny south Florida. I was honored to be asked to perform along with none other than Clarence Clemons of Bruce Springstein's E Street Band and Wally Palmer of the hitmaking Romantics. ( It just dawned on me that both Wally and myself are both known for wearing red leather at one time or another.)

The show was so much fun. What a crowd. What a super band, The Temple of Soul. And soulful they were. They really shown (is this past tense for "shine"?) during Clarences set. This is their 4th or 5th time backing me up, but Saturday I got to see the complete picture with "The Big Man", and they were awesome. Wally had the audience eating out of his hand with such hits as "What I like About You" and "Talking In Your Sleep". I did enjoy sneaking on stage and singing BG's with Mr. Palmer on Clarence's, "You're A Friend of Mine". Classic!

Thank you Diamond Angels organization for all that you do with the Joe DiMaggio Childrens Hospital. I was just recently told of a child whose family is close friends of two of my band mates, and how they had received care from the hospital for their child. Another success story. Another happy ending thanks to the incredible work they do.

Much more to talk about, the release of "RIVERSIDE" on iTunes ( and The Steve Augeri Band show coming up on Dec. 10th in Philly at Club 23 East. The on going mixing sessions for my CD, "In the Moment". But for now I'll just enjoy the moment and be thankful for what I've got and wish you all a great day and all the happiness in the world.

Did I mention George Hamilton complimented me on MY tan. (Ha!)

Til we meet again,